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Life gets busy and stressful, and you’re at the center of the action. When things are hectic and others need you, it’s easy for self-care to take a back seat. But imagine feeling refreshed, confident, and empowered to face your day. At Nathan Layne Salon + Spa, we believe self-care is essential for balance and well-being. So relax. Refresh. And be your best, rejuvenated self.

Step toward rejuvenation

Each visit to Nathan Layne Salon + Spa is a step toward a rejuvenated you. Our app makes booking, rescheduling, and customizing appointments easy — and even provides tailored aftercare tips.

Experience Tranquility

Nathan Layne Salon + Spa offers a broad spectrum of organic, industry-leading treatments — tailored to your individual needs. Our friendly team of experts works with you to incorporate comprehensive beauty solutions to balance your busy life.

Elevate your glow

At Nathan Layne Salon + Spa, you’re part of a community committed to holistic well-being. With self-care routines for daily moments of luxury to eco-friendly product recommendations to bring the spa experience home, we’ll help you develop a lifestyle of balanced self-care.

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Where Salon Meets Sanctuary

Wellness that nurtures your mind, body and spirit


Life is full of pressure and unrealistic expectations. Break free from the “perfection box” with self-care, treatments, and routines that help you shine as your best, authentic self.


Develop routines to bring salon-quality self-care into each day. With monthly memberships, package treatments, and personalized beauty practices — we’ll help you prioritize your well-being.


Whether you’re looking for professional beauty treatments to feel your best at an event, or maintenance care when you need a boost — our services can help you look and feel fantastic and make a great impression.


Bring moments of tranquility into your everyday life. From soothing spa treatments to relax after a stressful week to routine facials —come find your balance and elevate your inner and outer beauty. 

Reset. Recharge. Refine

Experience beauty that nurtures your authentic self.